•    Caulfeild Cove Raft-up   

    The crews of “Earl Grey” and “Hale Pau Hana” decided to have the first unofficial SLYC raft-up of the year by meeting up at Caulfeild Cove, on the fine and glorious sunny Saturday of March 7. My new GoPro camera captured much of the sailing action from it’s mount on the dodger grab-rail, the mount is intended for bicycle handlebars but works just fine on railings, stanchions and such. And it’s in a waterproof housing too, so maybe next time I’ll try hanging it outboard by bolting it onto the low end of a stanchion, and get some good heeling action!

    There was not a soul at the Cove (well, save one canoe!), so we had the dock to ourselves and soon had snacks and appies out to enjoy, Jean and Richard even put a salmon steak on the barbie! Later Jennifer and I got out for a hike around the park, looking for geocache treasures. It was full dark by the time we found the last of them, good thing we had flashlights! The night-time run back was uneventful, though use of my Marine Traffic AIS app on the phone was handy to identify an out-bound freighter that crossed in the traffic lanes well ahead of us.

    The only drawback is that the sun sets early behind the high cliffs of Lighthouse Park, otherwise it’s a lovely spot, and has been completely empty any time I’ve passed by lately. I even flew over it the next day at 2000′ in a Cessna 172, with John J. as passenger, and it was empty then too.

    Photo slide show and YouTube video is below: