•    Early Easter at Snug Cove   

    The first official SLYC cruise of the year was a great success! Undaunted by the iffy weather forecasts, the crews of “Zelda III”, “Earl Grey”, “White Feather”, “Free Spirit II”, and “Hale Pau Hana” made the trip easily, even finding a fair breeze to sail by for a good part of the journey. New member Nigel made his first cruise with David and Marty on “Zelda III”.

    Coming by ferry were our hosts, Barb and Tage, Barb’s cousin Margot, Keith and Scotty, David and Anne, and Commodore Peter. And coming along as special guests on board “Hale Pau Hana” were Jennifer’s parents, Peter and Ruth, down for the weekend from Oliver.

    Almost on cue, “Zelda III” became the welcoming party boat for arriving sailors, and the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy sitting out on the deck. The swan seemed to want to join us on board!

    With the first sprinkles though, the party shifted inland to the cabin, where we found Barb had really gone to town with decorating for Easter. There were bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies! Well done! The fire was soon crackling away, the food warming up in the oven, and conversation flowing. There was plenty of food of course! And it was especially good to see Scotty too. There was also a surprise birthday cake for Jennifer, with a fabulous chocolate bunny on it. The cake was supplied by Artisan Eats Cafe & Bakery, up the hill on Bowen Island, and it was delicious too! (and thanks Anne for picking it up for me!)

    The next morning, we had a good number of folks still here for breakfast of sausages, eggs, toast, coffee and orange juice, which we savoured leisurely while watching the rains pour down outside. Nobody was in a hurry to leave! But leave we eventually all did, as we suited up in our foulies and cast off our lines. It was a fairly damp trip home at times, though there was some good breeze to roll out the jib and do some sailing for part of the trip, and the crew of Hana was good enough to make up a hot rum toddy for the valiant skipper! Which finished off the last of my bottle of Ironworks rum from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, so now I have to go back and restock!

    Many thanks to our hosts Barb and Tage for making it a fun and enjoyable weekend!