•    Sailpast 2015   

    Wow, what a great day for a sail! The sun was shining, and the breeze was fresh, the fleet looked really great sailing along and having fun. Commodore Peter was on board Lorelei for the occasion. Boats in attendance for Sailpast included: Halfmoon II, Free Spirit II, Hale Pau Hana, Zelda III, Nahani, White Feather, and Kalima. Drift Away showed up a wee bit late to join in, but then the sailpast did get off to an early start too. Hale Pau Hana was pleased to have Fleet Surgeon Annie on board as well. We all had a great romp in the breeze after the Sailpast was done.

    Afterwards, we gathered at the Billy Bishop Legion Pub for the reception, the only hitch was that somehow their communication broke down and the person opening the pub that day didn’t get the message that it was supposed to be opened early at 3 PM, instead of the usual 4 PM. At least it was a sunny day to wait around, and we were extra thirsty by the time the doors opened. Catered snacks were on hand, and several of the folks who couldn’t be on the water joined us for the reception. It was great to see a nice turnout.

    Slide show, with pics by Bernard and yours truly: