•    Plumper Cove   

    Yes I know, this post is late, late, late! Things have been sooo busy this summer! I’m just trying to catch up!

    We had fewer members out for Plumper Cove this year, though not for lack of good weather. Lots of folks were off vacationing in other directions, but those of us who did attend all had a good time. Boats that came out included “Zelda III”, “White Feather”, “Free Spirit II”, and “Hale Pau Hana”. The only drawback this year was a persistent westerly wind that brought constant swells into Plumper Cove, making it live up to it’s nickname, “Bumper Cove”. Sleep was a little hard to come by with all the bouncing around.

    Nonetheless, we had a good boat party on Zelda III, and on Saturday David, Jen, and myself set off on a hiking expedition to Salmon Rock, at the very western tip of Keats Island. A number of trails all seem to end up at the same place here, and the views are fantastic. At one spot there’s only the stone fireplace remaining of a cabin, which would have been in a beautiful spot. And after much searching, we found the geocache that had drawn us out to this unique spot.

    On Sunday, despite a strong breeze and swells running down the Strait, the crews of “Hale Pau Hana”, “White Feather” and “Free Spirit II” all opted to return by going out Shoal Channel and south of Bowen Island. It was quite a ride for the three of us at first, but after some time the seas calmed down, even to the point where we had to motor for the last leg into English Bay.

    A few photos from the weekend: