•    Gibsons Fall Cruise   

    The SLYC gang took advantage of a fine fall weekend for a cruise to Gibsons. Our little fleet set out on Friday, into a strangely grey and misty day, with not a breeze in the air, not a ripple on the water, all strangely quiet and muted. It was actually a very peaceful and calm passage, with the world transformed by the soft mist. The hustle-bustle of the city was soon left behind, and out of mind, we seemed afloat in a timeless place. Eventually, Hale Pau Hana found Gibsons, and was soon joined by White Feather and Zelda III.

    Being in Gibsons a day early, we opted to try a different restaurant for dinner, and found some fine Greek food at Leo’s restaurant. Nick Adonidas would have enjoyed it, I’m sure. The next day dawned bright and clear, and it almost felt like summer had returned. Some explorations were in order: Jen, Sean and David found some hiking trails (and geocaches along the way) while Rory met up with David and Anne to explore the offerings of the Bitter End Sailor’s Exchange, up the big hill.

    Dinner that night at the Waterfront Cafe was very good, with the proprietor, Art, always glad to see us. Sunday Brunch was by tradition at Molly’s Reach of course, and the Eggs Benny did not disappoint us!

    Reluctant to leave this paradise, our vessels departed via Shoal Channel into a fresh breeze, which slowly eased after a while. Our boats all ended up on different tacks, and only by chance did Hana find a fresh breeze piping up near the southeast corner of Bowen Island, a Howe Sound inflow that soon had us cruising along nicely at over 5 knots. In fact, we sailed all the way from Shoal Channel to the mouth of False Creek without having to touch the engine once! What a fine sail it was. And a fine way to remember Gibsons… with the town having approved the George Hotel development despite well-organized resistance, we may see changes a-plenty when we come this way next spring.

    Enjoy the slideshow!