•    SLYC Annual General Meeting   

    SLYC’s Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday January 30th, upstairs at the Wicklow Pub. We had a very good turnout, and some nibblies were provided by the Club. It was a very friendly affair, with many good ideas coming forward, and much praise for those who have done a lot of work in the past year to keep the Club going. Every little effort is appreciated! All of the previous Executive stood for the same positions again, and were acclaimed. A new addition is David Thompson, who will take on the Rear Commodore role.

    Your Executive for 2016:

    From Left to Right:
    • Bernard Fletcher – Vice Commodore
    • David Thompson – Rear Commodore
    • Peter Boorman – Commodore
    • Jean Lehmann – Treasurer
    • Sean Smith – Secretary
    • Richard Lehmann – Fleet Captain

    And of course, we dusted off the old “Bent Prop” trophy, and after a bit of head-scratching, realized that yes, we have plenty of stories and suitable candidates for this esteemed honour! The winner – two years in a row – was Ted Henriksen, for blowing an engine, as hilariously recounted by Gary St. Michel. Congratulations Ted, we shall all have to work harder in the upcoming year!

    Thanks to Anne T. and Bernard for the pics!

    (Can’t see the slide show? Click here)