•    Guest Speaker – Marine Parks Forever Society   

    On Thursday November 24th, at 7 PM, we will be hosting a special presentation about the Marine Parks Forever Society, to be presented by Mr. George Creek. Please join us upstairs at the Wicklow Pub for this special event, and bring as many friends as you can!

    About the BC Marine Parks Forever Society

    mpfs_logoThe society was formed in 1990 by the Council of BC Yacht Clubs to raise funds through donations from members to assist BC Parks to acquire lands for Marine Parks. It was envisioned that if each member of each club donated just $10 per year, we could play a major role in the expansion of the Marine Park system.
    Since 1990, MPFS has donated over $1,250,000 to BC Parks for land purchases. A complete list of the amounts and years can be viewed on the website www.marineparksforever.ca

    In 2011, the mandate was amended to include the improvement and enhancement of existing Marine Parks in ways that would be a benefit to boaters.

    In the last few years, the Stern Tie Stewardship Program was launched. It is intended to install rock pins and heavy link chain to mid tide and identify each location with a stainless steel plate. To fund the materials, BC Parks donated the surplus Marine Parks Guides to be used for fund raising for the project. For a $10 donation, a Park Guide was given out. Over $15,000 was raised. In 2015, the first 12 pins and chains were installed in Melanie Cove, Desolation Sound Marine Park. 25 pins were added in Prideaux Haven in 2016.


    In Princess Cove on Wallace Island, long link chain was added to existing rock pins with some pins being replaced. No longer does a boater have to make like a goat to shore tie there. Pirates Cove also received some replacements and additions to make shore tying easier. MPFS is also working with BC Parks to provide a Marine Access point in Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park (Sansum Narrows). We have requested docks and mooring buoys be installed along with shore facilities such as tables, benches, BBQ’s and eventually rain shelters for groups. MPFS is prepared to fund a significant portion. BC Parks has confirmed that this project will proceed but will be subject to the cooperation and endorsement of local First Nations.


    In the last 5 years, MPFS has changed its relationship with BC Parks from being simply a source of funds for land purchases to a proactive partner in planning and management of the Marine Park system. It was awarded the “2014 Community Partner of the Year Award” by BC Parks partially in recognition of the significant role it played in the Quadra Island – Octopus Islands Marine Park expansion.

    We continue to seek opportunities to enhance and improve the BC Marine Park system for all boaters.

    George Creek, President