•    Gibsons Thanksgiving 2016   

    A highlight of this trip was having Bernard’s new boat, “Wasabi” join the fleet for the first time. What a nice shiny new boat! Looks good on ya, Bernard!


    Wasabi and Hale Pau Hana sailed out of English Bay in light and lazy airs, heading south of Bowen and through the Popham Islands. Also joining us at Gibsons on the Friday were David and Marty on Zelda III, Rory on White Feather, and Gil and Sylvia on Irish Cream. David and Anne T. joined us by taking the ferry.

    Bernard on Wasabi

    Saturday was wet, wet, wet. So of course Jen and I donned out wet weather gear, and went for a big long hike in search of geocaches. We found most of the ones we were looking for, and by the time we were done, it was time to join the gang at The Waterfront Cafe for a nice dinner and to dry off. Restaurant owner Art welcomed us as always, and had put together a special turkey dinner for us. Thanks Art!


    Sunday Brunch at Molly’s was also kept up as a fine tradition, nothing like Eggs Benny and bottomless cups of coffee to start the morning. And the sun was now shining! Wasabi, Zelda III, and Hale Pau Hana all left at roughly the same time, meeting up outside of Shoal Channel. A fine breeze piped up, and gee, it now looked like a race! Little Hana held her own against the bigger Wasabi and Zelda III all the way to Point Grey, where the other two finally pulled away. Only later did I learn they had started their engines! We sailed Hana all the way to the mouth of the Creek. Had to be one of the finest sail voyages end to end I’ve ever had.

    Hana leading Zelda III

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    Thanks to Bernard and Rory for photos!