•    Snug Cove Wind-up 2016   

    As usual, the weather was grey and damp, but spirits were in good cheer with the SLYC fleet. Several boats came over early, and we gathered at Doc Morgan’s Pub for some roast beef and drinks, and good cheer.

    Saturday was off and on with rain, but that didn’t stop some of us from getting out for local explorations. Jennifer and I went trekking in search of geocaches, a fine excuse to explore more of the island. First we trekked to September Morn Beach, just south of Dorman Point, and then we turned to the north-west for an epic march across the island to the north-west coast at Galbraith Bay, with a view towards Hutt Island. We found all the caches we were looking for.


    The fire at the cabin was great to warm up to when we returned, and soon there was food galore and good cheer all around. The night sky cleared enough to see the “Super Moon“, which we all oohed and aahed over. Keith showed me how to dial down the F-stop and shutter speed to get a pretty good “moon shot”:


    Bruce and Linda did a smashing job of Sunday Brunch as always, thanks guys! That hearty brunch was definitely a prerequisite for the journey home – with inflow winds gusting into Howe Sound over 25 knots, and tide and waves against us, it was a long hard slog to crawl our way out. Eventually I got the idea to just jog sideways towards Whytecliffe Park, were we found some respite from the wind and waves and could make better progress along the shoreline. Point Atkinson showed wind up to 50 km/h (27 knots) sustained, with gusting higher that afternoon.wind_speed

    It seemed to take forever, but once past the worst of it I had a well-deserved hot rum toddy on the last leg toward home port.

    Click HERE for a few slide show pics…