•    Snug Cove March 2017   

    Some people might think we’re nuts for sailing in March, but you know, the weather wasn’t as bad as it could be. A little drizzle never hurt anyone, and besides, you bought all the foul-weather gear for a reason, right?
    It was a bit of a sea-trial for Hale Pau Hana, having just had the head of the engine rebuilt, all running like a charm now. The crew of Hana followed JJ on board Free Spirit II, and arrived at Bowen to find White Feather already there. The crews relaxed on Hana for a bit to dry out and have a beer.

    Zelda III arrived not too long after, and we all went to Doc Morgan’s Pub for some Roast Beast and live music.

    To everyone’s surprise, the Saturday turned out sunny! Jen and I joined up with the British Army (Rory and David L.) for a patrol around the lake. Nothing unusual to report. Back at the marina, Mr. Swan came along tapping on boats and looking for crackers, and after the cabin opened up folks started to gather.

    The theme was Silly Hats, in case the pictures don’t give it away.

    We had a special visit from Annie P., nice to see her doing well. Ted and Dorte brought some friends from Denmark, and the fire was warm and cozy as various folks arrived by ferry. Jean and Richard brought out our newest member, First Mate Nate, on his first ever trip to Bowen Island.

    The food was great, Ted told some hilarious stories, and JJ won the prize for Best Headgear. Jean and Richard organized a great Sunday Brunch, which kept us going for the return trip home. The rain was minimal, but strong winds on the nose and tide against us made for a slow crawl past Point Atkinson. And now we wait (and wait) for spring…

    Click on the pic of JJ below for link to the photo album: