•    Plumper Cove   

    The SLYC crew sailed to Plumper Cove for June 23-25, included in the fleet were Irish Cream, White Feather, Free Spirit II, and Hale Pau Hana.

    The crew of Hana had a great sail out of English Bay, but got caught in the “washing machine” of wind-over-tide off Point Atkinson. Six foot swells, mmm, lots of fun! Fortunately that didn’t last long, and we charged into an entirely different sea, much calmer and different coloured water, which was the incoming tide running over the outgoing tide.


    Rounding Cape Finisterre

    A nice run up past Snug Cove, where the wind died off as usual, forcing us to motor around Cape Finisterre. White Feather was well behind, they managed to miss the nasty chop off Point Atkinson. There was a beautiful breeze up Collingwood Channel, we hung onto that almost all the way to Plumper Cove, just had to motor in the last little ways.

    The docks were pretty crowded already – we managed to snag a tight spot at the end of one of the docks when a power boat moved up a bit to give us room. Irish Cream was already at a mooring buoy. White Feather arrived later, and was very lucky to snag a spot only just recently vacated by another boat.  Seems like it’s mostly the Gibsons crowd that comes over for a sunny weekend, such a long trip, eh?

    First item – mix up some G&T’s, while we still have cubed ice! Followed by our first corn on the cob on the BBQ of the season, mmm yummy. After dinner we made a visit by dinghy over to Irish Cream, where Gil insisted we sample some of their latest vintage of wines. We were pleased to oblige.

    The following day, the crew of Hana went out on a little hike, checking in on a few geocaches along the way. Free Spirit II arrived, and was also lucky to grab a spot recently vacated by another boat. Little Nate got to see Plumper Cove for the first time, and most of us congregated on FS II for drinks and a yak.


    The sun was so hot though, that some of us had to seek shade and a nap, and recuperate when the heat of the day had passed. Time for another BBQ! Steaks are on. Now that things have cooled a bit for the evening, time to take the dinghy out for a little exploring. The little Honda 4 worked just dandy, we circled around the little islands, out past the old government dock, and back… well, almost back, I did run it out of fuel at the last! A little row is good for you.

    dinghy ride

    A sunset dinghy ride

    Meanwhile, Commodore Peter went on an exploratory hike of his own, all the way to the east end of the island, and then couldn’t find the trail back to the campground, and it was getting dark. He encountered a cottager, and upon asking for directions for the trail, the fine fellow offered to just dinghy Peter back to the marina, it was far easier than finding the trail in the dark.

    The only drawback to Plumper is it seems to attract some of the floating trailer park trash – there’s always one boat with the thumping stereo and party-makers who think everyone else wants to hear their music and rowdiness late into the night. Mixed with clouds of pot smoke to boot. That mooring buoy was starting to look like a pretty good idea.

    We did get sleep at last – though it was tempting to start blasting opera music at 7 AM to entertain those passed out on the party boat. No matter, a cup of coffee (or two) makes things right with the world. After getting things ship-shape, it was time to pull the lines and head home. Well, not for everyone – Free Spirit II stayed an extra day, and it was tempting to do the same – it sure would have been quieter after all the weekend warriors had to rush off home!


    Free Spirit II caught some nice sunsets on their extra day

    We made our own adventure on the way home, we weren’t in any big rush. Turns out, there’s a geocache on a little islet connected to Hermit Island by a stony beach. It hadn’t been visited for about a year. I had carefully planned the best approach and anchorage ahead of time, but when we arrived we found the Coast Guard hovercraft had taken my spot! No matter, there’s another anchorage right nearby. Dropped and set anchor, it held well, so we launched the dinghy and hoped Hana would still be there when we got back!


    Hovercraft “Moytel”

    We landed on the beach by the hovercraft, and after a short bit of bushwhacking (which turned out to be unnecessary) found our “treasure“. Mission accomplished! Back to Hana, the anchor came loose without fuss, and we sailed for home. A worthy weekend adventure. But maybe we’ll take that mooring buoy next time…

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    Thanks to Rory and Richard for pics!