•    Snug Cove Wind-up, or “Wind Up”…?   

    Last cruise of the year – who else is crazy enough to go sailing in November? (besides racers, of course!). Some of us got a head start on the Friday, which was a fine day with glassy calm seas, and a bit of sunlight to warm us along the way.


    Rain was forecast for the weekend, but it held off, which was much appreciated for some local exploration of the island.

    On Saturday afternoon Bernard hosted some of us in the big enclosed cockpit on board “Wasabi“.


    Saturday evening at the cabin was organized by Jean and Richard, with a “White” theme – everyone wore something white for Baby Nate’s first birthday! There was food a-plenty for all.

    FB 18_500


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    Jean and Richard organized an excellent brunch for Sunday morning as well. But the foul weather that built up that morning was not exactly welcome. The forecast has called for a windstorm to blow through overnight, and ease by morning – that was not the case, the storm arrived a bit late and really started howling by noon.

    Lady Dane” and “Wasabi” decided to brave the conditions and head back, but it was rough sailing! Wind speeds reached 40 knots or more, the seas were bad, and on board Wasabi nobody could see through the dodger, the crew had to take turns peeking out the side windows to see where they were going. Not a comfortable ride at all.

    The crew of “Hale Pau Hana” decided it was wiser to just stay an extra day. Dinner at the Tuscany Grill made for a most excellent reason to linger another night. The cruise back on Monday was nice and calm too.

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