•    Frendy in the Thetis Island Race   

    Charlie Park entered Frendy in the Thetis Island race this past weekend (May 7), and Jennifer and myself joined George Paget for a ride over on Contender. George’s brother Peter came over with Charlie from Pender Harbour. The weather forecast was gloomy, but we only got wet once we had crossed the Strait. Contender charged through a flood at Gabriola Pass (crawling at 1 knot at one point!) and we dropped anchor in a rather empty Pirates Cove to enjoy a lasagna dinner that had been cooking up in the galley.

    Saturday morning we hopped onto Frendy to form up the “Charlie’s Angels” crew, and got off to a good start, but as there was a race to be run, the wind naturally went light and fickle, and it was a real crawl to get around the north end of Thetis Island. Coming down the east side, the wind shifted and we were able to carry Charlie’s special “upwind spinnaker” and made good time catching up to the fleet ahead of us. Annie sent along some cookies which made an extra special treat!

    Things got light and lazy again passing between Norway and Mowgli islands, before a strong southwesterly suddenly hit out of the blue. We got the spinnaker down without trouble though, and charged around the bottom of Tent Island.

    On the last leg to the finish, as usual the wind went light, and the current forced us to throw in an extra tack just at the committee boat, but we crossed the line and headed for some well-deserved drinks. The BBQ dinner was quite good – chicken, ribs, corn on the cob and more. Race results – well, Frendy ended up with a middling result, but at least we finished, which eight boats couldn’t manage to do! (and why do they have to put those darned Martins in the same class? Arg!)

    On Sunday we had a little time to kill while waiting for the tides to change, so Jen and I took a little stroll around the island. And after crossing the Strait, George had the idea to drop the hook in Coward’s Cove so we could have a little supper, which made for a nice little stop. Watch out for those logs drifting along the river though!