•    Events for 2015   

    The calendar of events for 2015 is now updated, yes, even as far as the next Christmas Party! Please see this page: Events
    and pencil in the dates on your own calendars so you can be sure to be able to attend!

    First event – the Snug Cove Cruise on March 28/29 . With the Summer Cabin booked as usual, it’s Pot Luck Dinner, and the theme is Early Easter – bring an Easter bonnet, or maybe bunny ears! Please RSVP to host Barb Thomsen , at (604) 524-1710 or click here to email Barb
    Hope to see you there!

  •    AGM and 2015 Executive   

    The SLYC Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday January 24, at the Wicklow Pub. Turnout was a little low this year, but we realized that a number of members had already booked themselves for Robbie Burns Day dinners, so we’ll try not to overlap with that for next year. (and I actually LIKE haggis too!). The minutes will be provided as soon as we get them written up.

    The good news is that we continue to have a healthy financial situation, which allowed us to actually reduce our rates, partly in consideration of the fact that we’ve reduced expenses on some cruise events. (Thanks to Kathy for crunching the numbers!)

    Several of the previous Executive have stepped down, so we wish to extend a very big thank you to George Paget (Fleet Captain), Keith Pettican (Vice-Commodore), Kathy Ireland (Treasurer), and Stan Lavigne (Commodore), who will of course stay on with us as Past-Commodore. This means Tage Thomsen can finally retire from Past-Commodore, so thank you to all for all of your hard work over the years.

    The Exec for 2015 is as follows:

    • Commodore: Peter Boorman
    • Vice-Commodore: Bernard Fletcher
    • Fleet Captain: Richard Lehmann
    • Treasurer: Jean Lehmann
    • Secretary: Sean Smith
    • Past-Commodore: Stan Lavigne

    The Rear-Commodore position remains open, so unless there is an eager volunteer out there willing to join us, the rest of the Exec will share the duties of this position. As noted during the AGM, the real secret to making this club work is volunteerism, not just for Exec duties, but at all levels, including being a Host for an event, or assisting in any other way that you might think of. We are a small club, so if we want to continue having fun events, then we must be prepared to participate and help out in some way, and not just expect other people to do all the work.

    Commodore Peter already has plans in the works for a new Jack and Jill race this year, simpler than the old race we used to do to Gibsons, so stay tuned for details as they are worked out.

    Finally, there was the telling of tall tales for the Bent Prop Award. We seem to have a new tradition of nominating ourselves for silly things we’ve done in the course of the year! Richard nominated himself for using Jean as a human fender during docking at Gibsons; your webmaster (Sean) nominated himself in a tale of offering much sage advice on winches and halyards to Richard, only to immediately afterwards make the dire mistake of getting a riding turn on a halyard on his own boat, complete with a guitar-string tight line that took ages to undo; Janet for being caught on camera smiling cheerfully at Sailpast while flying the Maple Leaf upside-down; but the winner was Ted for his incredibly funny tale of waking up with Lady Dane aground, and the subsequent rescue by a MacGregor with a giant outboard engine. I think it was more the brilliantly funny delivery style of the story, than any facts (true or otherwise) that won Ted the award. Thank you Ted for giving us some great entertainment!

    So, let’s look forward to a year of good sailing, fun events, and cheerful company, and please give your support to the new Executive (now including yours truly), and remember, the more volunteerism we can get of any kind, the more we will be able to do and the more enjoyable we hope to make this club.

  •    Merry Christmas from Mexico   

    David and Carol Ann Faith send this message:

    Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words; so, we’ll let these photos explain why we feel so fortunate to be celebrating Christmas at Marina de La Paz aboard Leap of Faith.

    Have a safe and happy holiday.

    Dave and Carol Ann

  •    Leap of Faith arrives at La Paz   

    “Leap of Faith” has arrived at La Paz, Mexico! The tale of the trip from San Diego to La Paz, by Carol Ann and David Faith, follows:

    Buenas tardes, amigas y amigos.
    Como esta usted? We hope that you are all doing well.
    Nostros somos muy bien! ….. couldn’t be better as a matter of fact!!!

    We are practicing our Spanish at every opportunity and, are determined to be “reasonably” fluent by the time we return in the spring. Surprisingly, it generally only takes a few words …. and a lot of hand gestures …. to make yourself understood. It certainly does, of course, get a lot of smiles ….. which, in the end, is the most important part of communicating, right???

    We learned from our spanish teacher, Susana Ramirez, in Nanaimo, that it is considered very impolite not to greet everyone that you meet and, because we really weren’t told where the “cut-off line” was, we spend a lot of our time saying hola or buenas dies or buenas tardes or buenas noches, when we’re wandering around. Our greeting never goes unacknowledged; so, we must be on the right track!

    Anyway, now we’ll give you our short update on how we got to La Paz from San Diego …..
    Read the rest of this entry »

  •    Snug Cove Wind-up Cruise   

    What a lucky break in the weather we had! Clear blue skies, a bit chilly, but DRY! Not much wind of course, but a pleasurable trip nonetheless to Snug Cove and back. Getting an early start to the weekend, Sean and Jen on Hale Pau Hana and Rory on White Feather buddy-boated across on Friday, and Zelda III (David and Marty) caught up to us just past Point Atkinson. The extra day gave us a chance to check out a new local restaurant, the Rustique Bistro, which had an excellent beef brisket special.

    Also arriving attending by boat on Saturday was Contender (George) and Lady Dane (Ted & Dorte). Joining us by ferry were David & Anne, Tage, Jean & Richard, and our host, Peter. And of course Gil and Sylvia just had to roll down the hill to join us!

    The Summer House cabin was warm and cozy as usual, and there was a great smorgasbord of offerings for the Pot Luck dinner on Saturday night. The theme was “Most Outrageous Hat”, which by popular vote was won by David Thompson. Congratulations!

    On Sunday, the Marine forecast was predicting some nasty winds in the Strait (25 gusting to 35 knots), so some of us decided it would be prudent to stay an extra day. George the Brave decided to test the waters anyways. And found that there was hardly a whisper of breeze to speak of. True, Entrance Island on the other side of the Strait recorded some strong winds, but it shows how variable the weather can really be. Meanwhile, extra time and the crisp fall weather allowed some of us to enjoy some nice hikes, and discovering a few geocaches. And sighting a few locals such as the swan and a family of deer!

    After a calm and pleasant cruise back on Monday, we reluctantly closed up the boat, soaking in the last of the sunlight and knowing that it will be a lot of damp and drizzle for some months to come.

    Slide show of photos is below, enjoy!

  •    Gibsons Cruise   

    We will be hosting a cruise to Gibsons on the weekend of October 18/19, that’s the weekend right AFTER Thanksgiving. There are two options for moorage at Gibsons:

    Gibsons Marina, ph.604-886-8686. Gibsons still offers a limited number of slips for transient moorage.

    Gibsons Landing Harbour Authority, ph.604-886-8017, website: http://gibsonsha.org
    The Harbour Authority does not take reservations, but will always find space for visitors, though some might have to raft up. Price is $0.97/foot, and yes they do offer power, and showers too.

    Last fall, Earl Grey, Zelda III, and Hale Pau Hana all stayed at the Harbour Authority docks, the staff is very friendly, the facilities are good, and it’s a much closer walk to downtown Gibsons.

    Of course, the option to drop anchor in front of Gramma’s Pub is there too. Plus anyone coming by ferry can stay at the Gibsons Landing Inn (formerly The Ritz, 505 Gower Pt Road, 604-886-3343), several other motels up the hill, or any number of B&B’s in the area. To see some other options, try this Bing search: click here

    Instead of an organized dinner with fixed menu, we propose that whoever arrives at Gibsons should gather at the head of the gov’t dock (beside Molly’s) around 6 PM on Saturday night, and decide upon a restaurant to visit. Options include Smitty’s Oyster House (good, but often crowded), Molly’s
    of course, the Waterfront Restaurant (always space available), and
    several other options

    Just so we have an idea of how many to expect, please RSVP to Sean at halepauhana153@gmail.com or phone 604-720-9169.

    Hope to see you there!

    The crews of Hale Pau Hana, Earl Grey, and Zelda III enjoy dinner in Gibsons, Oct 2013.

  •    Newcastle Island   

    What fine weather we had, and what a fine turnout from Club members too! It was hot and sunny the entire weekend, the stuff sweet summer memories are made of! Boats in attendance included:

    (your host)
    Main Brace
    Fan Sea
    Irish Cream
    Zelda III
    Hale Pau Hana

    That’s TEN boats, with 23 people in all, counting guests, and including a visit by past member George Waibel, Alannah, and a friend on George’s new boat. A great turnout!

    Hale Pau Hana set out early on Thursday, in a good northwest breeze, and sailed the whole way from False Creek to Silva Bay, pounding across some lumpy seas in the Strait. Partway across, we were joined by a Catalina 27 who shadowed our every move, it turned out to be Harry on Nahani! We pulled into Silva Bay Marina to find Gil and Sylvia on Irish Cream already there, and went for a well deserved and excellent dinner at the Silva Bay Pub. The restaurant is under new ownership, and I can report that the food is excellent.

    The wind blew at 20 to 25 knots all night, and in the morning we three boats consulted on the conditions in the Strait (particularly Entrance Island), and decided that the tides were in our favour to take the southern route instead, shooting Gabriola Pass at almost 9 knots ground speed, and arriving with time to kill at Dodd Narrows, waiting for the slack. We slogged our way through a half hour before slack, and then had a fine little sail up Northumberland Channel to Nanaimo Harbour. A very interesting and scenic way of getting to Newcastle!

    There was still ample dock space on Friday, as confirmed by a call ahead to Stan, who advised on the best dock location to pull into, and what side to prepare for tying up. Stan gave us a hand on docking, and we paid the favour forward to Kalima when they called in to see what the dock space situation was like a little later the same afternoon. Everyone who wanted dock space got in, which was a pleasant surprise for a summer long weekend!

    When we arrived, we found that the enterprising crews of Arwen and Main Brace had set up a sun shade tarp across the dock from the two boats, which was much appreciated in the hot sun, and the perfect place to crack open a cold bevvie. Contender was also at the dock already, with a collection of battle flags flapping in the breeze, and various other club members came to join the dock party as they pulled in. The crew of Fan Sea brought some delicious salmon treats!

    Morning, waking up to the sounds of the purple martins twittering away, what a nice change from the rumble of city traffic and cawing of crows! Jen and I went hunting for some geocaches on the island, which we found (some cleverly hidden), though one which was 20 feet up a tree was deemed a little too risky to go after. Maybe next time we’ll rig up a bos’n’s chair and block and tackle! A fine day for a hike around the island.

    Saturday evening was the time for our pilgrimage by dinghy to the always-fabulous Dinghy Dock Pub, with a table reserved for us, and our SLYC burgee hanging from the ceiling in plain sight. The band was really good, playing some classic tunes and some new ones. The margaritas were cold, and the prawn succotash was delicious.

    Sunday morning we went with George for a trip to Nanaimo, enjoying a fine little cafe brunch, browsing a bookstore, a stop at the Harbour Chandler, and then rounding up potatoes, salad, and other fixings for the group. And more ice for the icebox! (Hint – the Newcastle Pavilion sells ice, but only in bags of cubes, which don’t last as long in the heat.)

    That afternoon George had to rouse us from our leisurely sipping of cool drinks on the dock, and set up the BBQ coals to cook up potatoes and meat. The group dinner was great, and afterwards we had some games, including a really fun Bacci ball game, supplied by Mark & Debbie.

    Monday saw most of us pull away from the dock to head home, though a lucky few stayed on or headed for other destinations in hopes of an endless summer. The northwesterly blew strong at first, pushing us homeward bound, but eased after lunch and died off to nothing, leaving us to motor home in the hot, still air. It was good to hit the dock at the other side, after a long crossing of some 33 nautical miles. Did you know that the crossing of the English Channel from Dover to Calais is only 18 miles?

    Our thanks go to our host George, who made the reservations and collected coals, potatoes, salad & dessert.

    And here’s the slideshow of photos from the weekend (by yours truly):

  •    Dock Party   

    Thursday July 10 was our first Dock Party of the summer! And what fine weather too! Arwen and Hale Pau Hana came by to tie up on either side of Main Brace, making it a great dockside location for a party. Between our 3 BBQs, we were able to provide food for everyone, including my visiting friends from Winnipeg, Merrick and Tracey, and their three kids, who were on a Western Canada road trip.

    Thanks to Bernard and Richard for some great photos in the slide show below. And of course a big thanks to Bernard, who had the idea to put on the dock party!

  •    Pineapple Cove Cruise Report   

    Aloha! What a fantastic weekend we had! No less than 10 (Ten!) club boats came out, including:
    – Arwen
    – Breeze
    – Main Brace
    – Free Spirit II
    – Irish Cream
    – Earl Grey
    – Blue Max
    – Drift Away
    – Fan Sea
    – Hale Pau Hana
    (your host)

    The sun was shining, the Hawaiian shirts were loud, and the natives were friendly! Many boats came over on Friday, making it a special long weekend for us. There were pineapples, coconuts, lays, and even some Hawaiian music on the breeze.

    Special thanks to Janet & JC of Breeze for bringing a folding table to set up for a dock party, as well as some extra bananas and coconuts, and also to Fred and Patti of Fan Sea for bringing some delicious appies to the dock party! Janet also won the prize for loudest Hawaiian shirt, well done! I hope everyone got a Fire Banana for dessert, definitely a special treat and easy to make on the boat BBQ. It was also Tage’s 75th birthday! Blue Max sailed away with party balloons in the rigging. Happy Birthday Tage!

    A few of us also tramped over the island searching for geocaches, which is kind of like finding pirate treasure except you can use a GPS to go find them. It’s a fun sport, and gets you out exploring places – see www.geocaching.com for more info.

    Hale Pau Hana had a very nice sail (almost) all the way home, in company with Free Spirit II for a little ways south of Bowen as well. The breeze did die off for a bit, but then after a while a nice southerly piped up and carried us all the way back to the Creek.

    A slideshow of photos is below, if I get some more photos from other folks I’ll add them to the show. (Thanks JJ and Richard for photos!)

  •    Next Events   

    Mark your calendars for:

    Thurs July 10 – Dock Party

    August 2,3,4 Long Weekend – Newcastle Island Cruise. Will be hosted by Fleet Captain George.

    Stay tuned for details to come!